CREPE’s purpose is to connect experienced buy side real estate private equity managers as well as their investors and select service providers specifically focused on real estate private equity. By creating a forum for like-minded, experienced industry leaders, CREPE hopes to further cement Chicago as a global real estate hub.


While there is no set age for members, CREPE's target demographic are middle and senior-level professionals with at least five years' experience in real estate private equity.


Eligible professionals include:


  • Real estate private equity fund professionals

  • Institutional investors of real estate (pensions, endowments, insurance companies, family offices)

  • Institutional real estate developers

  • Real estate operators managing institutional capital

  • Real estate focused hedge funds

  • Other managers of discretionary (or quasi-discretionary) investment vehicles

  • Institutional real estate placement agents 

  • Funds of funds investing in real estate


For membership inquiries or more information, please contact: